History and types of archery bows

The war bow is one of the catapult-type long-range weapons that did not appear in the world. It was widely used in combat and combat in ancient times. In terms of function, it was mainly manifested in sports.



The longbow is a bow with a length similar to that of the archer. The arms of the bow are relatively narrow and curved inward. Its cross-section is semicircular or D-shaped. The difference from the similar recurve bow is that the latter's bow The end of the arm is bent outward. The longbow has been used in hunting and warfare by many different civilizations in the world, and the medieval English longbow is one of the best.

Recurve bow

A recurve bow is a bow that is different from the ordinary longbow in profile: a recurve bow with no string on the end of the bow bends outward. One of the specific definitions points out that the difference between a recurve bow and other bows is that the string of the upper-stringed recurve bow is in contact with its bow arm. Compared to the same bow with straight arms, the recurve bow can store more energy, so that the arrow shot has higher kinetic energy. Therefore, the recurve bow can be made shorter than ordinary bows while maintaining its power. This advantage makes the recurve bow suitable for use in places where longer weapons would pose an inconvenience, such as the jungle, forest, or horseback. In contrast, the traditional longbow with a straighter body will cause a "layering" effect-that is, the more the bow is stretched, the force required to draw the bow will increase significantly. The recurved arm can make the bow withstand greater pull, but it will produce more noise when shooting arrows.

Compound bow

The bow is designed using modern scientific principles, and pulleys are added to the bow design to bend the bow arm. The arm of the compound bow is stiffer than the arm of the traditional bow, allowing the bow itself to achieve better energy efficiency. In addition, the compound bow has more equipment and more components than the general recurve bow, especially since the configuration of the sight is different from the general recurve bow. The sight of the compound bow can be added with a magnifying glass, and it can also be aimed through the target hole assembled on the bowstring to improve its accuracy. There are also stricter regulations on the weight of the compound bow. The general upper limit is 60 pounds. , And because the compound bow has higher accuracy than the recurve bow, the distance will be different in the competition, and the target paper aimed at will be smaller than that of the recurve bow.

Bows and arrows are a sport that perfectly combines static and dynamic. Traditional bows and arrows have become more and more unique in modern society.

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