What is youth-bow

We have prepared this right- and left-hand compound bow for teenagers of the right age: Uses a dexterous riser design-double arrow frame design, easy to grasp, suitable for left and right-hand shooters.

This children's composite bow frame is made of high-quality composite materials, and the bowstring is made of durable nylon material, which is very suitable for beginners and children's archers. We recommend that children choose different colors of feathers so they can personalize their arrows. This bow and arrow is also the best gift for children.

There are various benefits for children In archery, the shooter is required to have a positive inner state and a straight outer body. Effectively correct the body posture problems of children and adolescents, and shape a good body shape. If you persist in archery, your child's respiratory system will be significantly improved.

From the psychological aspect, children generally have short concentration, weak concentration, and other problems, which have always been a problem for children to trouble parents and teachers. Introduce the ideal compound bow for archery to children, teenagers, or teenagers. Playing archery can improve hand-eye coordination and concentration, and cultivate patience.

In terms of age, we recommend: This children’s bow and arrow are suitable for children 6 years old or older.

Risk-free purchase: If you don't like the bow of our guarantee policy, you will get a 100% refund, but I believe you will be satisfied with our products.

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