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Is archery a good sport for children/teens?

Archery is a great sport for children and teens.It teaches them to be responsible, patient, focused, and disciplined. Which are skills children need when they grow up. This makes archer a unique hobby compared to most ballgames which are all about stamina and strength.


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Arrows & Broadheads

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Customer Say


Good bow for the price. Nice that it is easily assembled. However, it has been difficult for my 10 yo son to put it together by himself. Does what we expected.


Los Angeles, CA


Well built and well equipped! My wife is shooting 4 and 5 inch groups all day long at 30+ yards with this bow, and she's a beginner!


Mills, WY


Got a cheapo bow for the daughter a few years back, she really liked it, but it sucked, so I decided to get her a real bow. Really like this thing. Comes with everything you need on the bow. You'll still need a release, and arrows, and a target.

Kathleen M.

Hayward, CA